Best Graphics Card Ranking List for 2024 (RTX 4070S/4070ti/4080S)

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This Graphics Card List mainly ranked based on Traditional Raster performance

Graphics Card Gaming Performance Ladder

1080P/2K/4K resolution, based on the latest released 4080SUPER (average test results of 25 mainstream games)

Data source: TechPowerUp

Desktop graphics card ladder chart:

Graphics card Time Spy Score Chart

The 3DMark Time Spy score represents the game performance under DX12 and has certain reference value.

Graphics card game frame rate performance

4K resolution graphics card game frame rate performance

Graphics card recommendations:

Flagship level: RTX4090/4090D

Currently, the 4090 is no longer available for sale in China, and the 4090D will be launched later. Although it has reduced some performance, it is still the most powerful gaming graphics card currently and is the first choice if you have enough budget.

Sub-flagship level: 4080/4080super/7900XTX

4080: Due to the release of 4080s, the current price has begun to drop, and the price/performance ratio is still very good at present. It has begun to enter the discontinuation stage.


4080super: The performance improvement is not much higher than that of 4080, but 4080 has entered the discontinuation stage and can be regarded as replacing the current 4080.

7900XTX: A very cost-effective game card, suitable for pure game users. The performance is slightly better than the 4080, but the light pursuit and productivity ecology cannot be compared with the N card, but the price is cheap. The current lowest price has dropped to just over 6,000.

If you want to purely play games and pursue cost-effectiveness, choose 7900XTX, which has higher cost-effectiveness for games. If you need productivity or light chasing for games, we recommend 4080/4080super.

High-end card: RX 7900XT/RTX 4070Ti/RTX 4070Ti super

4070Ti super: upgraded to 16G video memory, suitable for Ai users.

Game users are advised to choose 4070Ti, which is currently more cost-effective.

4070Ti: Due to the release of 4070Ti super, the current price has begun to drop, and the price/performance ratio is still very good at present. It has begun to enter the discontinuation stage.

7900XT: It is more than 10% better than 4070Ti at 2K resolution. At 4K, the performance gap will further widen to about 17%, but 4070Ti has stronger light tracking and has DLSS 3 body protection. Currently, the price difference between the two is not much. Which one do you prefer? Which.

If you want to purely play games and pursue cost-effectiveness, choose 7900XT, which is more cost-effective for gaming. If you have other needs, go to 4070Ti/4070Ti super.

Sub-high-end cards: 4070/4070super/7800XT/7900GRE

4070super: The price/performance ratio is okay, mainly for new cards. If the graphics card budget is 4000+, you can give priority to it. It is about 15% better than the 4070, but the performance is only 5% worse than the 4070Ti.

4070: The current price has dropped to less than 4,000, which is relatively cost-effective. The subsequent price of this card will depend on the price of 4070super after it is released. If the price of 4070super breaks, 4070 will continue to drop.

7900GRE: This card has recently been reduced to 4200+. It is the strongest gaming card with a 4000 budget. It can be regarded as a standard 4K gaming card and is still worth buying.

7800XT: The price has dropped to about 3700, which is slightly better than the 4070, and the price is also slightly more cost-effective. Considering the inherent advantages of the N card, it is almost as competitive as the 4070. If you have a tight budget, you can consider the 7800XT.

Mid-to-high-end cards: 6750XT/4060Ti/7700XT

7700XT: Currently the most powerful game card in the 3000 price range, it still has a slight performance advantage over the 4060Ti, but the price is also a bit more expensive, and the competitiveness is basically the same. It is a card that can reach 2K.

4060Ti: The advantage of this card is low power consumption. In terms of performance, it is a standard 2K game card. Large 3A games can run smoothly at 2K60 high image quality. It is currently the most mainstream game card.

6750XT: The price has been reduced recently, and the price/performance ratio has suddenly improved. It is much better than the 4060ti, and the price is much cheaper. Game users can consider it.

Mid-range cards: 6650XT/7600/4060/6750GRE

6650XT: Currently the most cost-effective option for game cards. The price-performance ratio below is quite different, and the price-performance ratio above is not as good as 6650XT. You can play 1080P 3A games with high image quality. If you don’t consider high resolution, this card is good. suitable.

6750GRE: The price of 4060, the performance of 4060Ti, the most cost-effective card for games around 2000, available in 10GB and 12GB versions, buy the 12GB one.

4060: The unique advantage of N card is low power consumption and suitable for ITX.

Entry cards: 3050 and 6500XT

These two are basically guaranteed to be mineral-free, but the price of 3050 is too high and the price/performance ratio is too low. Although the price/performance ratio of 6500XT is also low, it is relatively high, so they are not particularly recommended.